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I Am, Therefore, I Create

Updated: May 19, 2023

I don’t know about you but during my school years, we used to be taught that we exist because we think. French philosopher René Descartes once said “I think, therefore I am”. That is one of the biggest mistakes we have learned in school, that traps us into looking for answers outside of us and not within us where the whole truth can be found.

The real truth is that our inner being existed way before our thoughts, which by the way are nothing but a product of our experiences acquired during our time on Earth. The “I AM” is actually our spirit, our inner being that existed before we even joined this earth as a human being. It is what we call a soul or an “energy”, that has experienced earth so many times through reincarnation, trying to expand its universal love by experiencing the contrast of love and hate, sadness and happiness, anger and peace, etc. Every time we experience sadness, we learn what we don’t like and at the same time we finally know what we really want. So the contrasts are beneficial for our energy growth towards a higher vibration. But the difference between “I AM” free from the body and “I AM” inside the body, is the freedom from all the limitations of the mind and its thoughts. “I AM” is all powerful, all knowing, all loving, and most importantly, unlimited with the ability to convert any kind of energy to the form that it desires. That’s why we hear that saying, ‘follow your heart’, as there you can feel your inner being and know your inner being true desire is to live while on earth, experiencing the contrast of energy there is such as love and hate, sad and happy, angry and calm.

Our inner being already made the choice to come to this Earth with the purpose of experiencing the amazing opportunity of acquiring different emotions, different feelings and a different form of energy. Moreover, our inner being’s knowledge is practically incomprehensible, and once it enters a physical body, this knowledge is masked by the brain; this organ that is driven by the experiences of actions, words spoken, thoughts, and memories. These are all acquired on Earth through our senses as we learn about systems such as religious beliefs, rules, and other Earthly ideas. The knowledge being masked by the physical body is actually beneficial to the inner being. This allows for resolution of issues in past lives, or even expansion of one’s energy after feeling the emotions of a specific event. If the inner being’s knowledge of how the universe works was not masked, we would never experience the contrast and we would never grow. We would be stuck in the same energy vibration. Therefore, every spirit comes to Earth with the desire to learn the contrast to expand their energy to a higher level than ever felt before.

We are made of energy. Although we learned in school that energy cannot be created or destroyed, we can actually transform energy from one form to another. Look for instance, when you eat a nice, yummy pizza made with lovely ingredients that you enjoy so much. These ingredients are made of energy with a specific shape and form. We, on the other hand, eat it to transform that energy into another form of energy that gives us a boost to move, talk, walk, etc. We convert food from one energy form to another on a daily basis, and don’t realize how amazing it is that we can actually do this! If we can convert a pizza into another form of energy that makes our muscles move, what makes you think we cannot convert any other energy in this universe to a form of our own desire! When we listen to music, the rhythm and the lyrics, we can convert that energy wave into emotions as we “feel” the song. How many of us have goose bumps, when we hear a song that rings true to our heart. It is all interconnected as everything is energy but in different forms.

The entire earth is made of atoms (by now we don’t even think there is such a thing as atoms, as everything is believed to be empty, lol, go figure!), which makes up molecules, which makes up cells, which makes up tissues, then muscles, organs, our human system, our environment such as our home, the trees we see out the window, parks, rivers, the entire Earth! Now, stop and think for a moment that an atom has electrons that move with a certain amount of energy. This means everything from an atom all the way to the entire earth- or even better- the entire universe, is made of ENERGY!

And you are capable of converting energy to the form that you wish. The universe has an unlimited amount of energy and whatever you ask you will receive, if you believe and feel that you have already received it. This is not a riddle, it is simple and pure; you can have total control of your energy, as well as the energy that you attract! Money is energy, a big home is energy, a fancy car is energy, basically everything is energy and we move due to conversion of energy. But to be able to do such transformations, you have to get in touch with your true self- your inner being. The inner being is the one who has the unlimited power to transform anything, including all your desires.

The question you must be asking is “how do I get in touch with my inner being?” Good Question! In order to get in touch with your inner being, you have to become more self-aware of your thoughts and FEELINGS. Because every thought and feeling you have is energy, and the more you think about the same kind of thought and feel the same emotions, the more you will see the same kind of events happening in your daily life. That is why the more you get in touch with your inner being, by understanding every moment, what you are feeling and thinking, the easier it is for you to manifest anything you want. Trying to manifest things with only thoughts won’t get you anywhere, because thoughts are not the true creator.They are nothing more than a by-product of your brain absorbing ideas from Earthly things. Most Earthly beliefs are limited and negative;they put us in a box with the silly idea that there is a pattern, a stereotype and a predictable outcome. When the actual truth is simple; everything that is crazy and illogical is very much possible, we just have to believe it- or better yet FEEL IT- with our inner being. The right way is to cease all negative beliefs, watch and learn from how you feel, notice the difference when you feel good or bad. When you finally understand what makes your heart beat happier, that is the feeling you need to embrace. Every time you feel sad or down, understand why you are feeling that way, allow yourself to actually go through such emotions to understand what you really don’t want, and turn it around by saying what you really want. And then believe that you will receive what you want- or even better, feel that you have already received what you want.

Feelings are made of energy too. We can have good or bad feelings. If we live in a positive state of mind, with a good feeling inside then we manifest everything into positive outcomes. If we live with our negative feelings, then we end up having negative outcomes. Positive energy leads to positive energy transformation and negative energy leads to negative transformation. So if you have a feeling of lack, which is a negative energy, then you will transform the energy around you into negative outcomes. If you have a feeling of abundance, which is a positive energy, then you will transform the energy around you into positive outcomes.

The question now is how can I live in a positive transformation. The answer is, again, go inside! To your inner being which is nothing but pure, positive energy of love and creation. Your inner being can never be tainted by the negativity of the world. It is always in a perfect state of nirvana. And we can access it when we clear our Earthly thoughts, by doing meditation on a daily basis. The more you meditate, the less your brain brings resistance to stop your inner being from transforming energy into a positive outcome. Most of the time, our mind is polluted with limited thoughts such as “I am not enough”, “money is hard to get”, “I can only be rich if I work more than 12 hours a day”, and many more that were passed down from our parents, relatives, media and teachers. Due to these thoughts constantly bombarding our minds since the moment we are born, we end up lost and confused about what we want, or frustrated that we cannot receive what we truly wish. And the reason for it is because We continue to insist that these Earthly thoughts are the right kind of thinking when, in fact, they are the wrong kind. Moreover, when we have negative thoughts, we end up feeling down, depressed and sad, sometimes angry. This blocks our inner being from doing its magic gift; the gift of creating or manifesting anything it desires.

Therefore, if you want to manifest, take these following steps as a start:

  1. Wake up and say thanks to simple things like oxygen you breathe and the bed you slept on.

  2. Get a journal, and write daily positive affirmations about yourself and the world you live in.

  3. Meditate when you wake up or when you are about to sleep. It will help you get more in touch with your inner being.

  4. Place beautiful quotes on your bathroom mirror, such as “you are enough”, “you are beautiful”, “your world is amazing and peaceful”.

  5. Practice gratitude every hour of your day.

  6. Allow yourself to feel; emotions are a compass to help you move towards your true happiness. Unlike many people who say, “Follow your mind and don’t allow your emotions to get in your way”, I say don’t let negative emotions that arise from negative belief systems take you over! Find positive lessons in everything you do or receive. Allow yourself to feel the negative emotions at first, but then find the beautiful lesson in this experience and turn the negative feeling into a grateful, positive feeling. Watch how your mind will start to see hope and positivity in everything that appears in your life.

  7. Believe in miracles and watch your world transform into a magical one.

These are small steps that lead to the big outcome, where you clear your negative thoughts and get closer to your inner being. Eventually you will manifest everything your soul desires. It is not your thoughts that prove you exist in this world. Quite the opposite, you are here because your inner being (the I AM) chose to come here to embrace new thoughts and feelings in order to create a wonderful world to live in and expand its energy!

Therefore, the right way to write the philosophical sentence is simple:

“I AM, Therefore, I Create”


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