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Isabela De Abreu

Self Acceptance is the Key to Freedom

"I was 15 when I first met Jebailey, I was silently struggling with so much. I was clinically depressed and none of my psychologists or psychiatrists where helping. She noticed my silent struggle and helped me deal with my emotional traumas. I’m very thankful for all her help, support, friendship and guidance she found me in a chaotic situation and helped me through. She continues to lend a helping hand even to this day."


Aleen Anderias

Building Healthy Boundaries

"I first met Angela when I was around 17 years old, and it didn’t occur to me until about two years later how she came back into my life because my heart, soul, and intuition were seeking her help and advice. She came back into my life when I was struggling with a heavyweight of a very toxic relationship. I was lost with what I could do to help myself. I wholly dissociated from who I was and who I was meant to be. I forgot my purpose, and I just called Angela one day on Zoom and she told me exactly what to do. She inspired me to come back to myself again by being attuned with my emotions and creating Art out of them. She told me to walk away at times where the idea of giving up was challenging for me. She taught me to retrace back to my steps and unlearn the damage I created in my head, and project it into my reality. She made me feel validated. She taught me that sensitivity is the biggest strength and I should be unapologetically open regardless because my heart and tears come from my inner truth and courage."

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Tamara Dandan

Healthy Mindset, Happy Life

"I met Angela in 2016 when I changed schools. She was my Biology teacher. I was very nervous in that new school, especially in my first week. I went into the first biology class and Angela just started talking to us about the class and about her experiences, and I thought to myself “Wow, I can’t wait for her to be MY teacher for the next 2 years”. She is amazing, and all other synonyms of amazing. She is one of the most knowledgeable and creative people I’ve ever met. Most importantly, she’s caring and supportive as hell! During that year I decided to join the basketball team. I was very unfit and lazy, but her motivation is what got me through. I have had several coaches in the past for various sports that were pushing me to do good, yes, but nobody had Jebailey’s technique. I can’t describe it… Even at my worst (during practice) I still wanted to push because she was motivating me. When I was officially in the basketball team the next year, I was not one of the best players but Jebailey still made me feel included and important, and she still trained me hard. She applied the same encouragement in Biology class, which is one of the 2 classes I excelled in the most in that school. I was so excited to go to class just because she taught it perfectly. If I ever entered the class with a shit mood, she would see my face and she would instantly attempt to make it better. Aside from all that inspiration in academics and sports, Angela helped me and so many others emotionally. Her physical and mental doors were always open for me, and I never left the room without inspiring advice; advice that was so helpful and uplifting. She made sure to put my confidence through the roof. Today, (soon graduating university) whenever somebody asks me what my high school experience was like, Angela is the first topic of discussion. I hated that school, but her positive spirit made my time there worthwhile. 

Thank you Coachita, you’re unforgettable."


Anastasia de Suyrot

Through Self Love, Everything Heals

"Dr. Jebailey started off as my basketball coach back in high school but then quickly also became a really good friend I could count on. She is genuine, supportive, and sees the best in everyone, which is something I have always admired. Whenever I had problems, whether it be about my personal or professional life, she was always there to guide and help me overcome those problems in the most honest and healthy way."

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Khadijah Suleman

The Power of the Mind

"I met Angela when I was at the lowest point in my life. I got talking to her and my mindset changed in many aspects. Her skills are mind blowing as she takes the time out to listen but also teaches one to view different situations from different angles. She provides different ways that are suitable for the individual in order to overcome a challenge. 

I continuously would see every situation as negative and would constantly doubt myself. This issue still occurs sometimes, but I use Angela’s technique to breathe, take a moment, and look at the situation from a different perspective. This way, I am constantly not in a negative loophole as I remove myself from the box of negativity by just taking some time out to breathe and think. I used to always hear people talk about mindfulness and breathing techniques, and it never worked for me until Angela took the time out to guide and teach me mindfulness and breathing techniques. I never felt alone during these difficult times as I knew I always had her support and guidance. 

The skills and information she has taught me have been very beneficial as I feel like I see life in a more beautiful way now. I am still learning from Angela and she is still guiding me towards becoming a happier and content version of myself. I am excited to learn more from her and see where this journey takes me. I am forever grateful and appreciative of her support!"


Sarah Ayman Wagdy

Focusing on the Now

“I first met Jebailey around 5 years ago, a year later I was facing great hardship and fell into a very deep depressive state. The help I was able to receive from her was and remains very important to me. Jebailey helped me realign my perspectives, focus on what is to come rather than linger in the past and to use my battles to push me forward in future endeavors. I’m very grateful for the help and wholehearted support I was able to receive from her.”

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Success Stories 

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